24 hours in Athens

September 2016 Once you step in the land of Zeus, the state of being free from tension settles in. A ticket to the city centre, please From the airport, cross the street and take the metro to the city centre. The metro runs every half an hour and the ride is around 40-50 min. FindContinue reading “24 hours in Athens”

‘kaabo’ Welcome to Lagos

The 2nd most populous city in Africa and the 7th fastest growing metropolis in the world. Not a must visit country, but if it happens to get there here’s what you need to know 🙂 In Nigeria, you have the rainy and the dry season. The rainy season (May to August), but it’s common forContinue reading “‘kaabo’ Welcome to Lagos”

I love Moscow

I admit that Russia was not really my cup of tea, but after spending a few days in Moscow the misconceptions and the stereotype barrier faded away. I had a wonderful time in Moscow ❤ and I hope you find this post very useful 😉 First thing to keep in mind: VISA   Once you land,Continue reading “I love Moscow”

City-break, Stockholm

Who doesn’t love city-breaks? It started with 2 days off work and a cheap flight. Tip: If you want to visit a nordic country, look up for tickets in January – February.  The prices are lower and there are many promotions especially at the low-cost companies. Scandinavia is expensive so booking a cheap flight willContinue reading “City-break, Stockholm”