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‘kaabo’ Welcome to Lagos

The 2nd most populous city in Africa and the 7th fastest growing metropolis in the world.

Not a must visit country, but if it happens to get there here’s what you need to know 🙂

In Nigeria, you have the rainy and the dry season. The rainy season (May to August), but it’s common for rain showers to linger on till November.   I’ve been to Lagos at the end of July and I had sunny and rainy days. The dry season usually starts in November and ends in April.

Getting around

If you want to see the city, the best way is to hire one of many state-registered and privately run taxis, from which you will be shown the sights.


The local currency is Naira (NGN). I recommend you pay with your credit card. You can also find ATM’s at the hotel.

If you go out please avoid exposing valuables, avoid isolated and badly lit areas at night and if you need a service always ask the reception at the hotel.

What to see

The Lekki Conservation Centre – is a nature reserve, 2 km nature boardwalk, suspended on metal frames. Highlights of the trail include the tree house built on a stout dawadawa tree. A sturdy wooden ladder is mounted on the side of a tree and you can enjoy a view over the city. Best time to visit is early mornings.

The Lagos Carnival& Lagos Water Regatta – hold during Easter (late March or early April)

Eleko Beach – public beach, east of the city is popular for is clean stretch of sandy beach. There are numerous bars and restaurants serving locally caught fare, and a barbeque can be arranged at the beach huts, which can be rented on a daily basis together with deck chairs and stools.

Again, keep belongings with you , buy or bring bottled water, pay close attention to swimming safety.

What to eat

Breakfast foods include akara, a bean fritter, deep fried in palm oil. In between meals, Lagosians are known to snack on roasted plantain fondly called boli, and eaten with a side of roasted groundnuts. When in season, corn is roasted or boiled and is a popular stomach filler. Other foods include the highly seasoned of barbecued fish called suya.

For souvenirs, go to Quintessence – a tasteful art gallery and gift shop with a wide range of authentic arts, crafts, textiles, etc. ( open from Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm)


Lekki Craft market – open air African market


Watch out for mosquitoes, because they carry malaria ( use sprays with a high DEET);

Always take care of your valuables and keep them safe inside the seif at the hotel. Keep your trolley bags locked, don’t take anything from strangers. If you go out carry a copy of your passport.

Don’t go crazy with the food as you can get food poisoning. Be aware of what you eat and drink.

Don’t go all adventurous around the city. It’s not safe.

If you are not allowed to go out, staying at the hotel only, should not be boring. I stayed at Sheraton Hotel in Lagos and I had nice conversations with the staff. They were all friendly and easy going people. Also during the weekends you have live band by the bar, food and drinks are served until late. Just be yourself and enjoy. Remember, nobody knows you there, dance like you just don’t care. That’s what I did and I have great memories 😀

P.S. There’s a shop, ATM, Italian restaurant, pool, tennis court at the hotel. I recommend the tennis court. Enjoy your stay 😀

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By R0xana S.

Born in Romania in the 90's, got a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts in my pockets and with them I got my way into this huge world. Currently living in England, but deeply in love with everything connected to France and Italy. I travel for 3 years and now I decided to write about my travels. Still figuring out about blogging

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