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In America

Romanians must have a visa before entering the United States. Read about the process of application here .

Only after we received our visa, we booked our tickets with United Airlines: London Heathrow – Newark Liberty (the tickets were booked in May and our trip was scheduled at the end of August – the price was between 800 – 900 pounds, without luggage)

Arriving at Newark

When you get to the airport, the officer will check your passport, take you a photo, take your fingerprints, ask you how long do you intent to stay in United States, what’s your job and the purpose of your travel. After that, he will stamp your passport and decides for how long are you allowed to stay in USA.

Newark airport is located in New Jersey and to get to NYC you can take the train, which is cheaper than other means.

Airport – AirTrain (free) – NJ Transit – NY Penn Station (and after 30′ there you are in Midtown Manhatann).

Take your time when visiting NYC. It’s huge and the skyscrapers make it huger. I bet your neck is gonna’ hurt you 🙂

From NYC to Niagara Falls

We booked a 2 days tour online. On our way we stopped at the Corning Glass Museum , Watkins Glen State Park (19 waterfalls, it’s a must! ) and then we arrived to Niagara in the evening and we could see the Fall Illumination. During the night we’ve been checked to a hotel in Buffalo and the next day we got back to Niagara for activities. Try Maid of the Mist (the boat will take you under the fall ).


  • Take some food and water with you on the road as it is a long way.
  • Have cash on you.
  • Warm clothes as it’s pretty chilly and windy at Niagara

From NYC to Washington D.C.

We booked bus tickets with Greyhound and I do NOT recommend you do the same. It was awful, the bus ran very late and the journey takes forever. I would not book with Greyhound again.

In D.C we rented a car and visited the attractions there. Most of the museums are free. One day is enough in D.C, there’s no need to stay overnight.

We drove from D.C to Ocean City, MD . Excellent view on the road 🙂 We stayed overnight in OC and then we went to Baltimore Airport because we had to catch a flight to Chicago.

Note: I liked Chicago better than NYC.

From Chicago to Nassau,Bahamas

The airplane view when you get above Caribbean it’s simply breathtaking.

Nassau was not that impressive. Just walk around the capital, climb the Queen Staircase…we went to a night walk and after 5 minutes we were back at the hotel. Even if the authorities say it’s safe, by night, I didn’t feel the safety. To really get an unforgettable memory of Bahamas, visit the other islands as well.

We booked a flight with Southern Air to North Eleuthera, because we wanted to see the Pink sand beach.

We flew in a charter, 10′ minutes flight and from Eleuthera we took a boat to get to the beach.

The beach was not that pink as you see it is in the pictures. The sand has indeed pink particles but don’t expect a strong pink colour. Anyway, it was the most beautiful beach I’ve been so far. We spent a whole day on the beach and we were alone. Probably because the season was all gone and there were no other tourists.

After Bahamas, back to the NYC

This time we booked a hotel in New Jersey. I don’t know why?! The hotel was fine, but too far away from everything. We had to get from there to US Open. After taking a bus and chasing the tube, we finally got to Arthur Ashe Stadium. We were sweaty and tired and didn’t enjoyed the US Open properly. But, all in all I am happy I was there.

I decided not to write about the attractions, because there are plenty and you can see them at any step of your journey. Explore whatever you want while you’re in USA. For me, America was exactly as seen in the movies 🙂

I hope I have the chance to visit the West Coast, too. Have you been there? How was it?

P.S Bits from our trip:






By R0xana S.

Born in Romania in the 90's, got a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts in my pockets and with them I got my way into this huge world. Currently living in England, but deeply in love with everything connected to France and Italy. I travel for 3 years and now I decided to write about my travels. Still figuring out about blogging

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