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New year’s Eve in Brussels? Pro and cons

Before deciding to spend the NYE in Brussels we did a bit of research and most of the reviews were like: “no, boring, old people”…We thought, it can’t be that bad, the capital of EU, Bruxelles, the largest city in Belgium?! so, we bought the NYE happyBrussels  package. It’s 45 euros and you can go to 10 different parties, free pass to Atomium, a movie at the cinema Galeries , one free waffle, drink and some reductions to fashion stores (expensives ones).


Like every city it has something that makes it beautiful. You’ll definitely discover art by just rambling the streets.

Lots of great pubs

The Christmas market is full of goodies.

The public transport

We chose FUSE Club, it was ok.


Atomium is impressive from the outside but from the inside is truly a waste of time.

Manneken Pis is just a small sculpture.

The free waffle? You better buy one and choose your favourite topping on it

The free movie? We couldn’t see it. The guy over there didn’t even know what we were talking about and ended up in saying that the cinema is closed o_O and we should come back another day.

10 parties? we only managed to get to one party.

Main attractions are not that close to one eachother.

NYE in town centre it wasn’t very impressive, the fireworks were not great at all.

Conclusion: Don’t spend NYE in Brussels if you want to have fun, but DO visit it another time.

P.S. I checked the NYE package and it’s more expensive now.


By R0xana S.

Born in Romania in the 90's, got a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts in my pockets and with them I got my way into this huge world. Currently living in England, but deeply in love with everything connected to France and Italy. I travel for 3 years and now I decided to write about my travels. Still figuring out about blogging

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