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How to get a U.S. Tourist Visa

We are citizens of Romania, we live in United Kingdom and we wanted to apply for a U.S. Tourist Visa for the first time.

How was the process?

Easy peasy: check out the U.S Embassy in London website

Select non-immigrant visa and fill in the DS-160 online application ( questions about your background, education, work and please note that the questions may vary; for e.g my partner had to answer to a lot of questions while in my case..only to a few questions.

Next, you’ll have to create an account and pay the visa fees. We paid £110 pp + £15 pp for the delivery of our passports.

Schedule an appointment and arrange the details for the return of your passports.

Time for the interview 😀

We had our interview scheduled in the morning, we arrived in a hurry at the embassy and there were lots of people waiting in lines. Do not forget the required documents:

  • DS-160 form
  • a copy of the instructions form
  • a passport-sized photo
  • supporting documents such as bank statements, tenancy agreement, payslips, employment contract;

It was such a nasty weather, it was raining heavily and it was cold and we just stood there and waited for our turn. First, they wrote on our DS form or on the copy of instruction sheet, the time of the interview.

After, we went to a second line, still outside, still in rain and cold. Then somebody checked our passports and we went to a third line to go through security. We passed security and went into the Embassy building finally....we looked like hobos…wet, sneezing and with a cold in our bones.

At the reception, they asked us if we are together and we got a sticker with a number. Now, we just have to wait for our number to be called. “Number 545 please go to office number 13”. My reaction: Wooow, 13?!? Seriously?!

Not a big deal though..this wasn’t the interview..they’ve just took our passports and DS-100 form. Now, we wait again for the proper interview. It took longer than I expected for our number to be called again. Starting to question why is this taking so long?

Finally, we are called. The lady there says: ok, I am going to start with you madam.. and she asks me how long have I been living in UK, what job do I have, if I have any family or friends living in USA, if I’ve been there before and then asks the same questions to my partner. After that she asks if we visited other countries as well. And we both begin to counter all the countries and cities we’ve been to.

End of the interview. You’ll get your visa in 3 to 5 days!

Got home, booked our flight tickets right away, got our passports back in 3 days 😀

By R0xana S.

Born in Romania in the 90's, got a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts in my pockets and with them I got my way into this huge world. Currently living in England, but deeply in love with everything connected to France and Italy. I travel for 3 years and now I decided to write about my travels. Still figuring out about blogging

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